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1883: A home on La Trobe Street
1883: A home on La Trobe Street
The first portion of Building 1 was erected on La Trobe Street in 1883.

Over the last 130 years RMIT Univeristy has grown from The Working Men’s College with a handful of students to a global university with over 84,000 students in campuses in Melbourne, Vietnam, Singapore and a centre in Barcelona.

It is a proud history, which has always had an eye to the future. From incorporating early television equipment into courses in the 1950s – through to virtual and augmented reality technology in more recent years.

The University has also been at the forefront of educating women – with its photography course accepting women from its outset in 1887 and the connection to the Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy.

And in 2016 RMIT’s commitment to a deeper reconciliation with Australia’s First Nation peoples was strengthened with the launch of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Take a journey back through time with some key milestones.

1927: Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy opens
– The college offered classes in culinary science, textiles, millinery and typing.
1987: Singapore Institute of Management partnership
1987: Singapore Institute of Management partnership

1987 RMIT’s relationship with the Singapore Institute of Management begins. It is now the oldest and largest transnational provider, graduating almost 1% of Singaporean population.

1992: RMIT University
1992: RMIT University

RMIT is granted university status under State legislation and adopts the name RMIT University. RMIT amalgamates with Phillip Institute of Technology.

2000: RMIT Vietnam
2000: RMIT Vietnam

RMIT International University Vietnam becomes the first foreign-owned private university in Vietnam.

2012: Design Hub construction is completed
– centralised accommodation for a diverse range of design research and post graduate education.
2017 Happy birthday RMIT
2017 Happy birthday RMIT

Celebrations marked 130th Founders’ Day Anniversary and the official opening of New Academic Street, Melbourne City campus.

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Probably the best theatre in Melbourne, looking forward to seeing it restored to it’s original beauty.

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